Catherine Hubeaux

catherine-hubeaux-psychotherapeute-mettetPsychotherapist and marriage and family counselor of psychoanalytic orientation, I practice an integrative practice (person-centered approach, psychoanalysis) with an audience of adults and adolescents and children.

I started my professional career in the early childhood field (project and team management, training of professionals in the sector, support for parenting, work of the parent-child bond), to then move towards a more therapeutic practice (work in family planning) that I practice today in private in Biesme (Mettet)

The consultation I propose is aimed at an audience of adults (individual or couple), teenagers or children who face a situation that, today, prevents them from living serenely in good conditions of mental and physical health.

The problems that can lead to consultation are specific to each person and it is difficult to make an exhaustive list but here are some situations that could lead you to consult:

  • Encounter with a traumatic event (unforeseen, beyond the « normal », often marked by violence) that puts you in a state of physical and / or psychological stress;
  • Personal difficulties that cause a feeling of depression or anxiety;
  • Encounter with a life event source of stress and discomfort (professional burnout, parental overwork, divorce, …);
  • Relationship difficulty with a child, difficulty that leads me to question my ability to be an adequate parent, « good » enough. (my child does not want to go to sleep, does not eat properly, opposes everything…);
  • Relational difficulty with the entourage (family, friends, spouse …);
  • Inability to feel « in my place », to feel legitimate in society, in family…;
  • Difficulty in accompanying a close relative living a complex situation (bereavement, illness, separation…);
  • Difficulty at school (concentration, friendly relations, relations with teaching staff…);
  • Difficulty as a couple (repeated conflicts, inability to communicate constructively, unfulfilling sexuality,…);
  • Any other situation you would like to share with a professional listener and helping relationship.

The purpose of the consultations is to allow the person to express his experience, his feelings in a neutral, confidential framework and to propose a work of orientation, of search for alternative tracks which have for object a global well-being.

In a more global way I propose a place of words and exchanges, a place where we can together think about developing your tools, your resources to face in a more serene way the different events that push you to consult.

Catherine Hubeaux



English Psychotherapist – Consultant in Mettet
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Therapy for trauma in Brussels in english
Catherine Hubeaux Psychotherapist – Consultant for trauma in Mettet

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